About Me.

Thanks for reading!
I started this blog as a way to record my process of grief. My therapist recommended that I journal publicly or privately. At first, this blog remained private only for me, but I’ve opened it up. Being vulnerable is not a strength of mine and I hope that by putting myself out there that I’ll open myself up to healing in a new way.

My mother died of Ovarian Cancer in April 2018, after an almost four-year battle. This blog was meant to be a way for me to sort through all the things I was thinking and feeling as a mom of two toddlers, a wife, and my own person. It’s slowly turning into its own form of therapy for me. Writing things down, journalling my story, is helping give me some sense of the insane changes that we have made as a family the last year. It’s not meant to be an educational or instructional blog, but rather just a window into my own journey of grief as a young woman, mother, and daughter.