Cancer, Grief


~Written in August 2018 after scattering mom’s ashes in the lake. Not shared until now because it felt strangely too personal, or juvenile with so many rhymes. But now with her one year anniversary ever closer I share because it suddenly feels right.~

Mothers Sunset

Embraced in the loving arms of a mid summers setting sun,
We released your spirit slowly, one by one.
The still waters enfolded you in their care,
To be set free at last from your earthy dispair.

Toasting the life you lived without regret,
And those left behind who will never forget.
Your love touched us and made us who we are today,
So we could carry the torch you lit for us before you went away.

Cherished memories, love and laughter,
will be with us now and ever after.
Nurtured and shown the way to grow,
Following in the footsteps of a true dynamo.

You taught us to know right from wrong,
to live life with laughter and with song.
To love our neighbours each and every one,
and to always watch the setting sun.

We will remember the music love and cheer,
that flowed as freely as wine and beer.
At weddings, parties, gatherings, and dinners,
for friends and family, every saint and sinner.

We will remember you pushing us to always do our best,
but never fretting when we failed the test.
Showing us that there is always another road to take,
When the burdens of life can’t be solved with cheesecake.

Your memories we will carry with us and hold in our hearts,
and revive for our young ones especially your love of the arts.
Words can’t express the grief that we feel,
knowing that you’re gone is a pain that won’t heal.

So today we set you free to swim with your loons,
To bask in the sunset and enjoy the sweet tunes,
Of the lives that you started and the lives that you nourished,
and will cherish from far away and rejoice when we flourish.

Goodbye, our dear mother, our grandmother, our love,
We will be sad here without you as you watch from above.
We know that you’re walking with us each step of the way,
And holding the light in case that we stray.

You set us up on the path that is true,
And we will follow your lead for a life that was you:

Swim freely and joyfully,
laugh fully and noisily,
give generously and graciously,
sing always and happily,
play willingly and endlessly,
live justly and honestly,
love fiercely and endlessly.

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